This document describes the contents and new features of firmware release 2.1 for the Dutch & Dutch 8-series products.

Quick start



Release 2.1 was officially released on April 19th 2022. This release brings back Room EQ Wizard support and significantly improves sync robustness.

New Features

Room EQ Wizard integration

You can now send filters directly from REW to your 8c's after measuring your room.

More information about how to use REW with your 8c's.
Download Room EQ Wizard.

Sync improvement

This release improves the robustness of the 8c's sync algorithm due to better filtering of latency jitter.

How to update?

In the Ascend app a gray notification icon should become visible in the header of the main control view. Click this icon to go to the firmware view and then click 'Install' in the bottom of the screen.